4 page APA

You assignment is to choose a socio-psychological phenomenon that you find interesting (e.g., in-group bias) and review at least 2 theories that have been proposed to explain this phenomenon.

Your paper should be organized in the following way:

1.     Description of the phenomenon

a.     Provide specific examples/studies

2.     Description of Theory 1

a.     Provide empirical evidence for this theory

3.     Description of Theory 2

a.     Provide empirical evidence for this theory

4.     Comparison and contrast of the two theories

a.     How are the two theories different?

b.     Do they apply to all situations or are there specific conditions when each of the theories explains the phenomenon?

c.     Are these two completely separate theories or can they be integrated into a single, unified theoretical framework?

Do not quote! Explain the theories in your own words.

You should have at least 5 professional sources references in your paper. 

Your paper should be 4-5 pages in length and it should be written in the APA style. Provide correct citations for all sources that you use. Do not use websites as sources


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