a little easy journal

Watch this music video–yes! a music video!--make a list of what you hear (whether you “know” music or not). Drums, electronics, whatever it is that stands out to you–write down at least 5 things that you notice. Do this on a piece of paper or on a Word Document.

Try to close your eyes and just listen to the differences instead of actually watching the visuals–they are distracting to the point of this exercise.


–and then do the same thing for this one. Again, if possible try not to WATCH the video, but rather just listen to what the musicians are doing.


What does watching two different videos of the same song have to do with the writing process we are going through? How is this like the revision process? Or the writing process? include your lists for each song (a minimum of 5 things you heard while listening to EACH song) and a 300 word answer to the questions above.

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