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You will be required to read “There There” by Tommy Orange, and write a 3 – 4 page literary review of the novel, which will be submitted to Blackboard. The book will be available at the ECU bookstore and you will have from the start of the semester until the 13th week of class to read it. This is not a book report, so you won’t need to do any research. The literary review should discuss major concepts and themes from the book concerning American Indian identities. This paper should be formatted with 1” margins, written in Times New Roman font at 12 pt and double-spaced. All work handed in that does not meet the guidelines will not be considered and you will earn a zero. Please see the course schedule for due dates. All assignments must be turned in via Blackboard on the Thursday the week the assignment is due by 11:59pm or the paper will be considered late. Late papers are accepted for a 10% reduction, but must be turned in a week after being late. Due on 4/12

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