analyzing journal articles

Students must choose any TWO of journal articles to analyze and will generate TWO-PAGE EVALUATION FOR EACH. These articles can be accessed through the Cedar Crest Library website and should relate to interpersonal relationships preferably using a qualitative research method. The two page evaluations will be worth 10% each points each, for a total of 20% points.

The following evaluation questions should guide the analyses:

  1. What is the research question for this article? Is it explicit or implied? Is the method selected in this article appropriate for the information sought in the research question?
  2. Does the literature review appear to be inductive or deductive? How do you suspect the literature review progressed during the formation of the article? Do you feel enough of the literature was explored for this particular study?
  3. How well did the author employ the method? Explain the method? Utilize the strengths of the method? Work around the weaknesses of the method?
  4. How did the analytic techniques employed by the author enhance the understanding of the data collected? Were the techniques well-explained? Did the technique appear to be a solid fit for the particular research question, data, and theoretical/methodological tradition employed in the piece?
  5. What discussion is generated by the author? How does the research conducted in the study link to stronger understandings of the topic explored? What might have been done to improve the study and generate stronger discussion? How vital was the data to the information being discussed? NOTE; Attached PDF are list of Journal articles you can choose from. (Any two, but each work should be separate. Two pages each)

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