Angela’s Story

Overview: answer the questions Directions: Read the attached document “Angela’s Story” (listed within the assignment folder) and complete the following questions. (Feel free to do some outside research to help you to complete this assignment.)


1.You are the emergency room physician. What is your legal responsibility to Angela? (Worth 2 pts)


2. You are Jacob’s teacher. Through the basketball coach, you are aware of Sam’s temper and believe that both Angela and Jacob are being abused by Sam. You would like to be as helpful as you can to Jacob. The principal has just approached you after seeing Jacob in his office. The principal tells you that he believes Jacob has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He tells you he plans to arrange a meeting with you and Jacob’s parents to suggest a psychological evaluation. What is your response? (Worth 2 pts)


3. You are Angela’s work colleague. When Angela begins to leave work early, you begin to question if something is wrong. When you ask Angela directly, you learn about Sam’s controlling behavior and violence. You are frustrated with Angela for taking time away from work and believe that if she just left Sam she could perform well in her job. You cannot understand why she stays with him given the obvious toll it is taking on her family. How can you respond in a way that is most supportive and helpful to Angela? (Worth 2 pts)


4. You are the supervisor of Katie’s daycare worker. What is your legal reporting obligation? (Worth 2 pts)


5. You are an emergency room nurse. You have seen Angela several times and have just checked her medical records. You suspect that she is experiencing domestic violence. Today Angela came into the emergency room seeking treatment for Katie’s fever. You take the opportunity to speak with her without Sam’s presence. What is most important for you to ask of Angela in your assessment of her situation? (Worth 2 pts)


6. You are a counselor at Jacob’s school. You have learned from Jacob’s teacher that Jacob’s father is violent toward him and toward Angela. You find an opportunity to talk alone with Angela as part of a parent-teacher conference. What might be one of your first topics of conversation with her? (Worth 2 pts)


7. You are the police officer walking into Angela’s home. You are aware that this is a potential domestic violence call. What is your legal responsibility? (Worth 2 pts)


8. You are a child protection screener employed by the county who receives a report about this case. From the report, you learn that Sam has been abusive to Angela throughout their relationship. You also learn that Sam has been physically abusive to both children in the home, and that the children have seen Angela being hit. What is Angela’s responsibility for the abuse of the children at Sam’s hands? (Worth 2 pts)


9. You are a social worker who has been asked by your agency to develop a batterer intervention program to work with abusive men like Sam. As you begin to develop this program, you realize that a clear understanding of the facts related to batterers’ programs is essential to complete your job effectively. What are 5 facts that you will report to your agency? (Worth 2 pts)



10. You are Hattie’s neighbor. You feel passionate about helping Angela, but frustrated that the “professionals” have not stepped in to take care of things. Who plays a role in this situation? (Worth 2 pts)


11. Write a 1/2-page (single-spaced with paragraphs—13-16 lines) reflection paper on your thoughts on domestic violence and/or sexually violent crimes as they relate to the family. Some points to consider: How does domestic violence and/or rape affect victims in their daily life, including the workplace? How does domestic violence affect the children?