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Post 1 – Be sure to answer all four questions.

(1) Describe two customs that it would be good for a foreigner to know before traveling to “China.”

(2) Discuss how each of these customs is connected to the cultural values of “China”.

Geert Hofstede’s research identified four dimensions of culture.

(3) Compare the scores “China” has on these four dimensions with the scores the U.S.A. has. Use the website: . (Note: If “your country” does not have available scores, use scores from a nearby country or one which you think is culturally tied to it and state that in your post.)

(4) Presuming these scores are correct, choose the dimension of culture that you would expect to create the greatest challenges to interaction between an average American and an average person from your country AND discuss why you think that dimension would cause the greatest challenge for a foreigner visiting “China.” If you have difficulty with the hofstede website (finding country specific information) try using a different browser.

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