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Explain the effects of the policy making process and its implementation within healthcare.


You  are the newly hired health policy consultant with Ethan Enterprises, a  local 501©3 nonprofit organization. Ethan Enterprises is focused on  reducing health disparities related to accessing quality care in  medically indigent communities. Part of your role as the new health  policy consultant is to update and advise staff, board, volunteers, and  coalition partners about policy developments.


For  this task, you will need to develop a PowerPoint presentation with  voiceover narration. The presentation will serve as the foundation for  educating the stakeholders on the differences and similarities of  fundamental health policy categorization (allocative and regulatory).

  1. Include in your presentation the purpose of allocative and regulatory health policies.
  2. Discuss examples of allocative and regulatory health policies.
  3. Analyze the impact that policy formulation, implementation, and modification have on allocative and regulatory health policies.
  4. Explain the relationship between health policies, health determinants, and health.

A  PowerPoint presentation will provide brief and clear information on the  required subject. Often, bullet points are utilized in a PowerPoint  presentation; however, since your audience will be comprised of  individuals with varied degrees of understanding, your presentation  should be explicit and offer supporting evidence, including a reference  list. Be sure to include voiceover narration on each slide (content  slides). You may use either the record audio feature of PowerPoint or  Screencast-O-Matic. The presentation should give the stakeholders enough  information to understand the similarities and differences of  allocative and regulatory health policy.

  1. Be creative and make your presentation informative with voiceover narration for each slide.
  2. Your presentation should include 4-6 relevant topics with two slides each.
  3. There should be a minimum of 5 recent sources (within the past 10 years) from scholarly journals.

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