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Watch Programs 8 and 9.  “Writing” and “Portraits”  

Here’s a link to the descriptions of the programs.

Here’s the description for Program 8 and 9.


8. Writing
Since the dawn of civilization the relationship between written words and pictures has been manipulated to communicate ideas. It has also inspired countless artists, whose works demonstrate how text and image can enhance, supplement, complicate, or even undermine each other’s meanings. Calligrapher, printmaker and Macarthur “genius award” recipient, Xu Bing is featured.

9) Portraits

Across cultures and throughout time, portraiture has played an important role in the way people have understood themselves and their relationships to others. Portraits serve a range of functions, from declaring power and status to making larger statements about society. Painter Kehinde Wiley paints portraits of African American men in the poses inspired by classic works of the old masters.

For the discussion board essay for this program – Describe what each program is about. Then, describe your reaction or opinion of what you saw in each the programs. Give at least 4 major topics from each program. Name 2 or 3 items  in each show that you thought were interesting.

2. African Art Virtual Tour


For this assignment, you are creating a background for yourself by visiting 5 websites – one from the Smithsonian Museum and four from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Write a short (1-2 sentence) description of each website describing the kinds of things you find there. After you have a background, you are going to focus on one area of African art by choosing to read one article from a list of articles published by the Met. Then, find an example, copy and paste it into your discussion, describe what it is, who (what people) are responsible for its creation, and how the one shown is a particularly good one.


Your background-building begins with a “virtual tour” from the Smithsonian museum of African Art. This site is divided into three “galleries.” Be sure to view the artworks in all 3.


Then, take a little “trip to the Metropolitan museum of art –

 Read your choice of two of following articles and look at the artwork carefully.


Now you undertake the challenging part of reading one article from the website

After reading an article, find and post one image (from your earlier background-building or find something similar). In at least one additional paragraph, describe how the image you  have posted is an example of the art in the article you have read.


Please do not use “Couples in Art”.


3.Masaccio and Fra Angelico      

Compare these two Itailian Renaissance Artists. Fra Angelico is the earlier artist. He uses perspective but the theory wasn’t yet fully developed. Masaccio is one of the first to use the perspective system that we use today in realistic art.

Using the Art Critique Checklists that we have been using, compare these two artists. Do you see differences in mood and attitude of their work? Since one artist is an earlier artist than the other, do you see indications of how realistic painting has advanced? Stylistic changes? Be sure to reply to 3 other students!

There are many versions of “Flight into Egypt”. This is the story of Mary and Joseph escaping Egypt because King Herod has ordered the killing of all male infants.

The “Annunciation” is another common theme. Usually, there is the angel Gabriel delivering the message to Mary that she will give birth to a son (as a virgin birth), a ray of light and a dove which is the “holy spirit”. This is said to be the moment she gets pregnant.

“St. Peter healing the Sick with his shadow” shows the disabled in the city lined up along the street. As he passes, when his shadow passes by someone , they are cured. Can you see any signs of them being cured as Peter’s shadow passes over them?

 . Also, find an interesting image by either Fra Angelico or Masaccio and post either the image or the link.

 Fra Angelico
Flight into Egypt, c. 1450, Tempera on wood, 38,5 x 37 cm, Museo di San Marco, Florence

The Annunciation 1430-32, Tempera on wood, 194 x 194 cm, Museo del Prado, Madrid (The Prado Alterpiece)

Biography of Fra Angelico

More work by Fra Angelico. Try to look at a sampling. His frescoes are great.

Masaccio’s biography

Trinity, fresco in the Santa Maria Novella in Florence
St Peter Healing the Sick with his Shadow, 1426-27
Fresco, 230 x 162 cm, Cappella Brancacci, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence
Other works by Masaccio:







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