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Prof. Yu: ENGL380


Multimedia Presentation


You will create a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover on two countries of your choice.

You can work in solo or in a group of 2-4.

As you present your talk in front of people, you should “narrate” your presentation within your PowerPoint.



  • 5-10 minute-long voiceover
  • at least seven PowerPoint slides including title slide, overview slide (just like table of contents), and citations slide
  • at least three external academically credible sources

(e.g., Wikipedia is NOT considered a credible source.)


Recommended but not required (feel free to include the followings):

  • charts, tables, graphs, and other visuals
  • Video clips
  • Still images
  • Audio clips
  • Other resources such as web links, books, and so on



  1. Use Discussion Forum 5 to finalize your team.
  2. Select two countries with different cultures
  3. Finalize your target audience for your presentation
  4. Based on your research on the two countries, for the target audience of your choice, in your slides,
  5. a) distinguish oral, nonverbal, and written communication patterns between the two countries
  6. b) identify different business and social customs including country-specific dress, behavior, taboos, and etiquette
  7. c) contrast cultural values and their impact on the international communication and negotiation process
  8. d) explain laws affecting international business and travel
  9. Identify the sources you use in the slide in parenthetical, in-text citations and list references on the last slide using the APA style. Plagiarism results in a zero. Further information on plagiarism and the APA format is available at

Also paraphrased words MUST be cited.

See the link:

  1. On your title slide, put the title of your presentation, your name, names of your team, and target audience
  2. Post your PowerPoints to the designated drop box on Blackboard.

If your file is too big, feel free to use Microsoft OneDrive or and email me the link.



Direction for voiceover:

In order to record your narration, you need a computer with either a built in microphone or a microphone that you can plug into the computer to record your voice.

1] Click on “Insert” at the top menu of the page

2] Pull down to “audio”

3] Click on “record sound”

4] To start recording sound, click on the red circle. Remember to speak aloud, naturally, and clearly.

5] To stop recording sound, click on the blue square

6] When finished recording, click on the “OK” button

7] A yellow speaker icon will appear on your slide to indicate that there is a voice recording.


Tutorial videos:


Working as a team

If you work in a group, the PowerPoint slides should be submitted only “once” by one of your group members. Be sure to include your name and the name(s) of all teammates on the title slide. A team will be evaluated as a group. In other words, each member of the team receives the same grade.

Here are tips for collaborative writing below:


Due date: Be sure to refer to the Assignment Calendar on the Syllabus!

Rubric for a Multimedia Presentation

  Criterion Description 4 Excellent 3 Good 2 Fair 1 Poor
1 Rhetorical context


Effectively  responds to an assignment;

appropriately tailors rhetoric to a specific audience and purposes; demonstrates depth knowledge of subject matter

2 Organization/ Coherence


Presents clear main ideas and strong supporting details;

sustains solid coherence throughout  the document

3 Knowledge of Conventions


Contains few, if any, grammar/mechanics errors; appropriately documents source materials (i.e., MLA format), if applicable        
4 Originality/ Freshness


Demonstrates originality and creativity


5 Use of modalities, media, and/or genres Effectively uses multiple modes, media, and/or genres

for a specific audience and purposes



* Plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment and notification to the administration.

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