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BCOM – Carr

Crisis Communication Project



The Scenario:

In 2008, during the midst of a huge financial crisis, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli announced that the company would have to lay off up to 25% of the company’s work force. If you do some research online, you’ll find the terrible press and publicity that the company received regarding how they handled the situation.

For this project, you will imagine that you are a part of the crisis communications team at Chrysler. Your team has been charged with all communications related to the layoffs.

You must develop a coordinated company response to the crisis in two parts:

  1. First, you must review, revise and improve the actual letter that Nardelli sent to Chrysler’s employees (following the guidelines in the textbook for delivering bad news). You can find the letter by clicking on the link below:



Nardelli gave you very specific instructions for the revisions to the employee letter:

  1. Use the indirect approach for the letter. He wants to open the letter with a better buffer and transition into the bad news.
  2. Make the entire letter more audience-centered/”you-centered.”
  3. Respond with more specific information in the letter to some of the potential questions and

concerns the employees might have.

  1. Improve the tone to seem more positive and hopeful and less formal and distant.


  1. Next, you must also create a brief, one-page memo to the Chrysler Board of Directors regarding the company’s layoffs.


Nardelli gave you very specific instructions regarding the Board memo:

  1. Use the direct approach in the Board memo.
  2. Use a very professional and formal tone in the Board memo.
  3. Communicate clearly and concisely to instill the Board’s confidence in his leadership and ability to manage the crisis.
  4. Use bullet points to lay out a specific plan, timeline and path forward for the company.


Remember that each of these messages needs to be adapted to a specific audience, and they should NOT be identical.








20   Organization & design    
  • Appropriate design/format
  • Information is relevant and in logical order
  • Use of white space
  • Use of font style and size
  • overall attractiveness of document
20   Coherence & clarity      
    ·         appropriate level of specificity  
  • Clear transitions throughout the document
  • Clarity of content in message
  • Conciseness
20   Paragraphs & sentences    
  • appropriate length
  • void of spelling, grammar and typographical errors
20   Style of document      
  • Appropriate tone
  • Appropriate Word choice
20   Audience        
  • Each message is adapted to specific audience needs
  • fulfills purpose of assignment
  • overall effectiveness of messages


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