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Tulare Lake Details

Tulare Lake Details 2 pages on tulare lake details. Need in 24 HOURS. Please use the rubric to write it. RUBRIC Please include the information listed below – What happened? -When did it happen? -Who or what caused it? -What did they do about it? -What did they do to repair it?

Ecological Footprin

Primary Discussion Response is due by Friday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Tuesday (11:59:59pm Central). Task Description: Sustainability is a combination of population size and consumption of resources per person.  In this discussion, we will work as a class to understand sustainability as it applies to our lives.  Here is what you need […]

Evaluate The Sources Activity

Evaluate The Sources Activity ENVS 430 Evaluate the Sources Activity Path to the Class Guide: library.clark.edu > research > class guides > ENVS 430 Instructions · Look at each of the six sources listed on this page. · Follow the links and look for clues that will help you determine if these sources are credible […]


ENVIRO SCI-DICUSSION BOARD Discussion Board 2 8181 unread replies.8181 replies. In Chapter 6, we discuss about Environmental Ethics, the application of ethical standards to relationships between people and non-human entities. The term ethics can also refer to the set of moral principles or values held by a person or a society. We can simplify our […]

Pollution In Your Community

Pollution In Your Community Locate an online news article from the state in which you currently live, written within the last two years, that discusses air pollution based on the criteria that is listed below.( I live in Texas) Read the article, and provide both the link to the article as well as a brief 250- to […]

Principle Of Tourism

Principle Of Tourism For this task:1. Explore reputable news publications (newspapers, magazines)2. Find an article that relates to or exemplifies (a) PESTEL dimension(s) and think about it relates to Tourism3. Prepare a post to the discussion thread, indicating:(a) the PESTEL factor(s) you think the article exemplifies (put this in the subject line)(b) the link (URL) to the […]

Accepting Employment at a Childcare Center

Accepting Employment at a Childcare Center   Prompt- What do you think should be considered before accepting employment at a center? Please respond with at least 5 sentences. Replies to others are optional but encouraged. This forum is not graded, and is required to move on to the assessment.