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This 2000-word essay is to be conducted in a Tourism Hospitality Leisure (THL) environment.
1. In the context of a THL organization outline how quality is defined and why it is important.
2. Analyze and evaluate ONE internal or external quality award/system that your chosen
organization has achieved/operates within. This can include star ratings, Hospitality Assured,
AA Rosettes, Michelin Star, ISO 9001 (2008), mystery guest system, standard operating
guides/manuals/procedures or Green Tourism award. Include information about how this
system or award ‘identifies, measures, monitors and improves’ quality in your organization.
3. Based on your findings in question 2 what have you identified as the process or area with the
most immediate need of improvement, and why? (Consider aspects that relate to supply chain
management and adopting effective TQM)
4. Which quality improvement system/tool would you recommend be implemented to address this
improvement need and how would you implement it? Include further recommendations for any
other issues you have identified as part of your analysis and evaluation.

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