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Bio 105: Ch 4 Cellular Respiration Worksheet


  1. Write the overall reaction of cellular respiration. Label the reactants and products.






  1. Cellular respiration occurs in
    1. Animal cells
    2. Plant cells
    3. All of the above


  1. Match the stage in cellular respiration to its location in the cell. Answers may be used more than once or not at


Glycolysis              a. Mitochondria
Citric Acid Cycle              b. Cytosol
Electron Transport Chain              c. Chloroplast


  1. The following questions are about electron


  1. What is the job of electron carriers? What do they do?


  1. What are the two electron carrier molecules used during cellular respiration? Indicate the charged and uncharged



  Full of electrons/Charged Form Empty of electrons/Uncharged form
Electron Carrier #1    
Electron Carrier #2    


Fill in the blanks:


  1. The first stage of cellular respiration is glycolysis. During glycolysis the sugar glucose is converted into . This helps the sugar be able to move from the cytosol into the                                           , where the rest of cellular respiration takes
  2. The second stage of cellular respiration is .


During this stage, sugar is broken into small carbon units and is released as a waste gas   . Electrons from sugar bonds are transferred to electrons carriers      and      .

  1. The third stage of cellular respiration is .


First, energy from electrons moving is used to create a concentration gradient of   . Next,                                     is produced using the energy from the movement down the concentration gradient through ATP synthase.

                          acts as the final electron acceptor and is needed to keep cellular respiration going.

  1. When oxygen is not available, takes place. It only produces    ATP from the glycolysis reactions instead of the normal 32 ATP from complete cellular respiration. During fermentation NADH is recycled back to                 . The two types of fermentation are                                                                                    and


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