Build an Atom and Investigate Nuclear Reations

(due date:  Saturday, 8/15, midnight)




Explore atom stability nuclear reactions!


  • Build an Atom
    • The problem:  You have a nucleus with a fixed number of protons. 
      • What must you add to a nucleus consisting of protons to make a stable ion?  How many should be added?
      • What must you add to a nucleus consisting of protons to make a stable atom?  How many should be added?
  • Develop hypotheses.
  • Test your hypotheses.
    • Go to the simulation:
    • Click to show Stable/Unstable in the lower left.
    • Now, we experiment!
      • Add 3 protons to the nucleus.  Repeat for 6 protons.
        • Which element is this?
        • Now, add other either neutrons or electrons to stabilize the nucleus.  
        • If you added both, once the ion is stabilized take away either the electrons or the neutrons (but not both) to better determine which led to stability.  
        • Now that you’ve determined which led to stability, add more of that type to see if stability is maintained.
        • Did electrons or neutrons give stability to the ion?
        • What is an isotope?
        • What are the minimum and maximum number of electrons/neutrons that allow for stability?  It may be a single number!
        • Now, determine what is needed to produce a stable atom rather than ion.
      • Repeat for 6 protons.
      • Repeat for 10 protons.
    • Analyze your results:  What did you learn about ionic stability?  About atomic stability?





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