BUS 3161A Stanford University My Understanding of Motivation Theories Paper

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Motivation lecture:https://youtu.be/IPYeCltXpxw

The topic of this discussion is…..Your Understanding of MOTIVATION Theories

Please reflect on the MOTIVATION theories we discussed in class. Given your own personal experiences with work or team environments, highlight how the different theories explain your behavior or the behavior of others you observed.

Some areas for thought include: observations regarding intrinsic or extrinsic rewards? The existence of motivating vs. hygiene factors? Were any aspects of goal-setting particularly helpful? Other theories that explain any phenomena that you experienced?

How can you use your knowledge of these theories to further your management development?

Complete as much of the assigned reading as you can before posting your primary responses each week. In general, strive to post as early as possible each week to better support robust online discussions.


  • Professionalism -Meaningless agreement is NOT acceptable. Be polite, but also strive to help your peers to see the position from another angle as needed. Ask for clarification when your peers are not clear, and offer additional insights or clarity where you can.
  • Quality NOT Quantity – Write concise yet thorough responses in all postings. Reference the text or relevant (and reputable) outside articles to better support your position, and cite in APA.
  • Grading Rubric: You can view the rubric by clicking on the three little dots in the upper right corner of the assignment instructions. Choose “view rubric”.