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When it comes to adhering to international guidelines that go above and beyond the minimum expectations set forth in international trade and commerce agreements, you often encounter diversity in the views of the importance and feasibility of participation. This assignment is meant to help you work through potential difficulties to create a strong business case for moving an organization forward in proactively addressing compliance to international guidelines for manufacturing, employee treatment, and general business principles. Review the scenario and respond to the questions that follow:
Imagine yourself as the CEO or a high-level executive for an international corporation. A board member brings the UNGC, UNPRI, or ISO27000 (apply to the use of technology) standards and principles to your attention and stresses the importance of adherence to all the principles contained within the guidelines. When you take this mandate to the executive leadership team, their first reaction is that it is too costly and presents more of an ideal rather than what is possible for your company in the real world.
Who in management should respond? What is the case for compliance? How do you create a business case for adhering to these guidelines?
How do you bring the board and management together? What should the strategy be?

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