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Microsoft Powerpoint assignment with at least 10 slides on earls case as attached below.( please attach 1 visual).

Presentation Skills Assignment


● To gain a rudimentary understanding of the management consulting industry;

● To make a set of formal recommendations in a professional setting;

● To understand visual presentation of data.


Individual students identify an organization that has disappointed its customers and other stakeholders in a significant way. You are part of a highly paid consulting firm specializing in communication crises. You are part of a consulting team, moving in to regain the trust of disappointed customers and stakeholders. Just for an example of a PR firm that does this kind of work, see Fleishman Hillard.

Assignment Deliverables:

a. Powerpoint Slide Deck

Your client has asked you to present your finding in a Powerpoint slide presentation to the board of directors (or senior management team) of the organization. Your 10-minute presentation (which you will not actually deliver thanks to COVID-19) will tell your clients:

● The precise nature of the problem faced by the organization;

● Three parallel, plausible alternatives available to organization to regain the trust of stakeholders;

● Chosen alternative and specific steps to implementation.


Slide deck will be composed in Microsoft Powerpoint and perfectly formatted. Deck employs effective headings along with grammatical and conceptual parallelism in lists and arrays of information. Slide deck should contain at least one visual (to be discussed in class).

b. “References”

Students submit a list of references for the project as if you were actually going to submit a written report for your client. References should be correctly and consistently formatted in APA style and contain at least 10 sources which demonstrate your broad knowledge of the problem and provide credibility for your document. References should be a combination of government documents, industry reports, academic articles, case studies, law cases, reputable web sites, and authoritative news content. You can simply add the references to the last page of your slide deck.

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