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SPRING2020_FIN351_SECYY_XX_LastName_FirstName.pdf [a
PDF file!!!]. XX is your number. From 01 to 40. YY is your section
number. _ is the underscore (not a space). Please make sure that all
letters are capitalized.
Please search the webs to prepare the project.
Please prepare your file content as the following:
Slide 1: Discuss what FinTech is.
In the next four (4) slides, choose ONE (1) of the FinTech examples to
discuss: Crowdfunding Platforms, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency,
Mobile Payments. Insurance, Robo-Advising and Stock-Trading Apps,
and Budgeting Apps.
The discussion can be, but not limited to:
Slide 2: The representative firm.
Slide 3: The business model of the firm (Part 1).
Slide 4: The business model of the firm (Part 2).
Slide 5: How successful it is.
Please prepare exactly 5 slides as the above.
Please be aware that each slide counts as 3 points. If you miss any
content/slide, the corresponding points will be lost. So please make sure
to follow the instructions closely

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