Business Travel Brochure Assignment

Business Travel Brochure Assignment


What is need for this assignment is listed below, but not only will you need to research the country’s general culture (social manners, standards of behavior, collective values and customs, collective communication styles, what the people are like, etc), but its corporate culture as well (valued characteristics in the workplace, professional attire, structure of the work day and environment, business etiquette and protocol, negotiation styles, etc).


  • Present information on another country (other than the United States)
  • Provide information on that country’s general culture.
  • Provide in formation on that country’s corporate culture.
  • Reference and cite outside resources, including images, in APA format.

Requirements: Create a brochure/guide on the country of your choice.

The doocument must be 3 – 5 pages in length with a minimum of 1000 words.  Include relevant images and illustration to provide visual interest.  You may use brochure templates available through Word or Pages, or you may create your own brochure layout.  Submit your brochurein PDF format.


Attached is an example document of a brochure.


If you have any questions, please submit them before accepting ‘Handshake Agreement’ and ONLY accept agreement if not working on multiple assignments at once.


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