cmwkse powerpoint presentation

Each of you will submit a 5-7-minute presentation that illustrates and explains a specific interpersonal communication theory or set of theories as one might experience it in the workplace–but other scenarios would be acceptable (e.g. school, home, abroad, etc.) With the exception of Groupthink and Uses and Gratifications theories, you may choose the theory(ies) you wish to speak on from any area of communication research.

Dramatize, illustrate and/or explain your theories through an informative original presentation enhanced by (a) multimedia aid(s) such as a YouTube video, Pinterest or other inspiration board, podcast, vlog, Animoto, Prezi, music, animation, PPT, interactive game, or other multimedia presentation technology, skit, game, etc. Think of it like an informative public speech. The presentation should be designed to help the viewer understand interpersonal communication principles, so it can entertain while it explains. Demonstrate what you have learned! You’ll find a rubric for the assignment and its expectations here (see below).

Research & Documentation

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