Cold War to New World Order

***Please cite some sources from the textbook attached to the word file***


Major Essays:  I expect each essay to comprise approximately 6-7 pages.  You may certainly consult other material to write your essay, but you must use the assigned texts from the course and cite heavily from them in making your argument.  I expect each paper to develop a THESIS to explain the answer to the question presented and then DEFEND that point of view.   


Section II:  Cold War to New World Order:  The World in the 21st century

            What should US strategy be in maintaining its status as the near hegemonic power on the global stage in the next half century?  Are we doomed to a Third World War over Taiwan, North Korea, Russians in the Crimea or fishing rights in the South China Sea?  Or will these conflicts more resemble the cold war era, with proxy fights and the constant threat of nuclear exchange?  Which scenario presents the U.S. with its greatest opportunity to remain a/the global superpower in 2050?  What will the global “great power” environment resemble in 2050?  What role will Europe play?  How will Japan interact with both the U.S. and China?  How about Russia?  India?  Will another power rise to challenge or supplant China, or the U.S., or both?  Reflecting on the historical references we’ve discussed, what would the U.S. prefer as an “international system or order” in 2050?  Unipolarity with several major regional powers  (India, China, Russia, Iran?) as in the Cold War?  A multinational balance of power such as in the 19th century up to WWI?  Something else?   In order for the U.S. to remain the preeminent global power, will it have to force China to collapse in the manner that the USSR did, eventually? 


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