complete 4 page essay

Complete two page essay. Please use the following to cite page: text, web, and an additonal source.

I have attached in the document some links but you should try googling

Aurthr Asa Bergers signifers and signified ( whichever can help you) . Make essay cohesive . No plagiarism!!! and grammatical errors. The chart is located in the first link.



We use signs to present an image to others that we believe others will interpret in a very specific way. Using the chart of signifiers and signified (perceived life styles) in Men’s Looks: Signifiers and Life Style, create a set of male characters for an imaginary commercial. What are you selling? What is your message and target audience? (Yes, you can certainly modify the chart of signifiers and signified to reflect Female Looks!) In your essay . . . include specific examples, references to the text material, and additional resources as necessary. Please cite all your sources.

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