Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Role of Russia in Global Conflicts

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Role of Russia in Global Conflicts.

World War Three is in the offing. Russia is believed to be engineering this war because of her increased involvement in world conflicts (Deutsch, 2015, p.1). At the close of WWII, Russia was a losing party despite her attempts to be the world superpower (Ulmer, 1998, 8). The United States was declared the world superpower, a position equivalent to the world (Tyner, 2010, p.67). However, Russia has been scaling up its involvement in the conflicts in Asia and the Middle East. For instance, Russia openly turned out against the Western intrusion in Syria, arguing that force to destroy Syrian military infrastructure was an illusion. Russia made it clear that the opponents of Syria would not find it easy. This indicated that she was against western intervention and ready to battle the West if they do not heed.

Similar interventions are taking place in Iran and Ukraine. As alignments occur, the world could soon be polarized as it happened in the Second World War. When this rift widens, a war will result inevitably. The game playing out now is between the West and the East. As much as the West (led by the United States) is trying to have a hand in Ukraine and the East to restore peace and stability, Russia is worried or cunningly playing. She feels her territory is being invaded. Russia supports Iran, Crimea, and Syria through weaponry. The West fears that Russia’s aggression has reached an alarming point. The United States, particularly, fears that Russia could topple her from the world’s superpower position. These developments clearly show that Russia’s interference in world conflicts is a threat to world peace.The analysis will be done under the theory of realism. Here, countries strive for competitive advantage and economic strength in their relations or dealings with other countries. Under realism, states are concerned primarily with their security, acting in pursuit of their national interests. States struggle for power to achieve these goals. However, states disregard ethical norms in this struggle (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2014, p.1).&nbsp.

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