Computer imaging is the process of duplicating the data of an entire hard drive. Imaging has many uses. For example, many network and systems administrators use imaging to deploy a consistent operatin

Internal employee sabotage, espionage, and misconduct pose a significant risk to any organization. Financial institutions and government agencies are prime targets because of the large amounts of confidential information that these types of organizations collect.

To combat such incidents, many organizations rely on dual-person authentication for access to certain highly sensitive files or information. Employee training and security awareness is also important.

  • What are some effective measures that organizations can employ to help prevent sabotage, espionage, and workplace misconduct?
  • Who is typically liable for security breaches or information leaks from an organization?
  • Find at least one recent news article that describes employee sabotage, espionage, misconduct or another type of employee-related security breach. Share the link and discuss the article briefly.

1 sources. 300-400 words.

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