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Read carefully the project description in this link, then formally write up your proposed project. Your proposal write-up should address each below point individually, it should be single spaced, grammatically correct, and submitted to Blackboard by the deadline. Include in your project the following:

  1. Project name (descriptive and concise).
  2. Significance of the project
  3. Dataset description
    1. Describe the contents of the dataset.
    2. Link to where it can be located
    3. Dataset format
    4. Provide a description of the attributes and target variable.
  4. Implementation
    1. What type of pre-processing, EDA and modeling you anticipate using?
  5. Results
    1. Why are the results useful?
    2. Who would be interested in the results?

Submit by due date First_lastname_PorjectProposal.docx.

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