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Complete the ERD below by dragging the ends of crows feet and the specialization hierarchy symbols to their correct location.

The XYZ Company has a motor pool and wants to track scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to each of the vehicles in its fleet. Each vehicle is assigned a unique unit number that will be used on all paperwork and is displayed on the vehicle. In addition to the unit number all vehicles have a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that is a long and complex string of letters and numbers, and all vehicles belong to one of three types “T” for trucks, “R” for trailers, and “A” for automobiles. For trucks, we need to know the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and the type of trailer hitch (if it has one). For trailers, we need to know their length, the maximum weight allowed, the type of trailer (Van, Reefer, Low Boy, Flat…), and the required hitch type. For automobiles, we need to know how many adults it will seat, its color, and if it is a “4 wheel drive”. Maintenance must be done to all vehicles regularly to keep them safe and serviceable. When maintenance is to be done, a ticket (with a unique number) is completed with the unit number, the technician’s number, the date of the maintenance, odometer reading from the vehicle, estimated cost, technician’s notes, and maintenance type. Presently there are five types of maintenance tickets: “O” for oil changes, “T” for new tires and rotations, “B” for brake work, “I” for inspections, and “M” for miscellaneous. For types “O” and “T” we keep additional information. For oil changes, we record type of oil, type of filter, and quarts of oil used. For tire work we record the number of tires replaced (zero or more) and if the tires were rotated.

Behavior of Answer Shape/Pocket:

Shapes can only go to their corresponding colored box. If a shape is taken to a different color, it should go back to its initial position. Use the image in the file attached.


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