conduct a study of the case below.

In order to be able to evaluate the importance of aviation maintenance (Learning Objective #1), conduct a study of the case below.

Aviation maintenance has to be taken seriously because of the catastrophic results that can occur if maintenance is performed incorrectly. In this case study, you will research the goals of maintenance from 3 (three) airline organizations (annotate each name in the paper). After your research is conducted, you will develop at least 4 (four) maintenance goals for your maintenance team. For each goal, you will develop at least 3 (three) objectives. Be clear when developing each goal and objectives and explain each following this format.

The case study will be submitted in a 1-3 page essay (text only). This case study needs to be verified for proper spelling and grammar. The case study submission will be prepared in APA format with a cover sheet containing: your name, title, course title, course number, semester and year, instructor’s name and date of submission.  I will do the cover sheet. 


Do you think I can have this no later than Saturday 8/16 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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