Conflict Management Strategies

 Conflict Management Strategies

1. Brook

In the TED talk that I chose to watch, the speaker, Lindsay Malloy, was emphasizing the ongoing issue with teens confessing to crimes they did not commit (Malloy, 2018). She stays focused on this one particular case that involves the police interrogating a teen, while also trying to get him to think that they will help him if he will only confess to what they “know” happened. During the TED talk, Malloy goes on to give statistics on the amount of teen that has been wrongfully convicted because they confess to a crime they did not commit. She also goes on to say that many kids do not even ask to have a parent or lawyer in the room while the teen is being interrogated. She concludes her talk by saying that researchers need to do better and law enforcement needs to have training on how to talk to the youth.

What I found most interesting in the TED talk was that most teens do now know or understand their Miranda Rights, which is what makes people understand that they do not have to say anything without an attorney present. I also found it interesting that in the Brendan Dassey case, they convicted him without any type of hard physical evidence. I thought this was interesting because I did not think that a confession was enough to be able to convict one of a crime.

The type of information that Malloy used to back up her information was video clips of the Dassey interrogation and statistics of different teens throughout the years. Malloy also did her own research project to see how many of these teens would lie about rather or not they cheated.

One way that the reading and the TED talk relate to one another is because they both discuss the different lobes of the brain and how they can affect decision making (Malloy, 2019. OpenStax College, 2014). Both of these also relate to one another because they both talk about how teens are easily influenced and can be talked into things easier than those of a younger or older age.

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