Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses juvenile delinquents and the adult criminal justice system.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses juvenile delinquents and the adult criminal justice system. For the previous century, American society has primarily favored the first model. It has reconstructed juvenile transgressions by considering the majority of them as antisocial acts to be investigated within a distinct juvenile justice system which is supposedly established to understand the individual demands and adolescent standing of the juveniles and push for psychotherapy instead of harsh punishment. Two leading assumptions regarding juveniles have dominated. primarily, that young people have various capabilities and skills compared to grown-ups, hence, should be investigated in a unique approach. and, that they possess various prospects for modification than do adults, thus, warrant a second opportunity and an effort at rehabilitation. Individual states have acknowledged that sole behavior, specifically, the suspected felony, should not through itself identify whether to appeal to the harsh realities of the criminal justice system designed for adult wrongdoers (ibid, 34).

In the contemporary period, however, there has been a remarkable transition in the manner juvenile crime is perceived by policymakers and the larger society, one that has resulted in prevalent reforms in policies and traditions regarding the handling of juvenile criminals. Apart from preferring to construct wrongdoing committed by young people as antisocial, society growingly is rethinking to reconstruct them as grown-ups and reassign them to the adult court and criminal justice system. There is advocacy for and against the death penalty for juveniles. Traditionalists also assume that juveniles who commit brutal crimes deserve to be killed. Several adversaries believe that the death penalty for young offenders is improper for a sophisticated society such as the United States. Furthermore, several who are against the death penalty assume that rehabilitation should be the emphasis since the juvenile offenders are still immature and still within the determining years of their lives (Steinberg, 2001, 35).

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