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  1. Infant/Toddler Video Observation
    For this assignment, first watch the two videos below (Language for Learning: Infants and Toddlers and Using Materials with Non-Mobile Infants).
       Watch Video           Language for Learning: Infants and Toddlers         Duration: 14:12
    User: n/a –        Added: 2/4/11         YouTube URL:        Watch Video           Using Materials with Non-Mobile Infants         Duration: 14:26
    User: n/a –        Added: 2/4/11         YouTube URL:
    Then, write a paper containing the following sections. Each section is to be clearly labeled and is expected to be at least 1 full page.
    Begin with an opening paragraph (just as you would any paper or essay).  A paragraph must be at least 3 sentences long.  Next, detail the following sections:
    I. Language Development: Read the ideas under “How to Promote Language Development in Infants and Toddlers” (Chapter 7 of the text).  Choose at least 2 of these 12 ideas and describe the ways in which you saw these occur within the video “Language for Learning.”
    II. Activities:  Refer to “Provide Engaging and Challenging Activities” (Chapter 7 of the text).  Choose at least 2 of these 7 techniques and describe ways in which they were demonstrated in the video.
    III. Philosophy of Education:  Describe and detail how/why what you observed in the videos does or does not fit in with you own Philosophy of Education.
    IV.  Course Connections:  Make at least 2 more connections between what you observed in the video and something you learned in class (something that makes you think, “I read about that!” or “We discussed that!”).  These “connections” must different than things you have already discussed in Sections I, II, and III.

    Assignments are to be a minimum of 4 pages (1 full page per section), double-spaced, Times-New Roman 12 point font.  Please save your assignment as YourLastName,ED103Wk6
    When responding to the question, it is important that you use the textbook and/or online sources to support your ideas.This includes citing as needed throughout your response and including a References page.  Both the in-text citations and the References page should be composed in APA format. Please refer to the “Assignment Submissions” menu item for information about APA format.
    The video observation assignments link to the following course objectives:

    • Put into practice the principal of developmentally appropriate practice.
    • Analyze the influence the classroom environment, daily schedule, and thought teachers have on the healthy growht and development of young children.
    • Use teaching strategies that integrate Anti-Bias Curriculum and Developmentally Appropriate Practice across the curriculum.
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