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Because this course meets General Education Requirements, the University mandates a minimum of 2000 words of writing throughout the semester. This is a mandated writing-intensive course.

You are to write an essay that will demonstrate both your critical thinking skills, and your understanding of ONE theoretical perspective elaborated this semester. By semester’s end we will have explored a variety of theories that seek to explain the onset and continuation (or desistance) of criminal behavior. You will have learned that none of these perspectives can explain crime in every situation therefore there is no one “ideal” explanation of crime. Each of these approaches comes with their own policy implications and suggestions for how to reduce crime and deal with offenders to reduce future criminality.

In formal essay format (with an introduction and a conclusion), you are to use the case study of “RED THE MARTYR” (a sex offender) to explore what you believe the “best” theoretical approach is to explain the crimes engaged in by Red.

The citation for Red the Martyr is:

Schultz, Pamela D. (2005). Not monsters: Analyzing the stories of child molesters. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

You must demonstrate that you have read the article in its entirety . . . the use of examples (cited appropriately) is perhaps the most efficient way to accomplish this task. Please paraphrase instead of using lengthy quotations.

Points to guide your paper:
• Elaborate/summarize the main tenets/points of the theoretical perspective you have chosen (Example: rational choice theory; social learning theory; differential association theory; life course theory, etc.).
• Integrate the criminal behaviors discussed in the article using your chosen theory.
• Elaborate why the theory you have chosen provides the best explanation.
• From a policy perspective, discuss at least ONE way in which this type of criminality might be deterred (this recommendation must be consistent with the theoretical approach you have chosen).

In your paper you are to use only ONE theory to explain the sex offenses discussed in the Red case study. For example, ONE specific branch of biological theory . . . do NOT explain how each branch of biological theory could explain sexual offending.

Your applying theory essay must be at least five pages in length, double spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, using one-inch margins, and appropriate citations included using the APA citation system. This means FIVE FULL pages of text!

You will be provided with the opportunity to revise the essay as this is a course in which you learn to improve your writing. I will provide substantive feedback on the draft essay and you will be required to revise and resubmit the reflection for the subsequent deadline.

You MUST make your REVISIONS within the document that I have graded/edited!!! Failure to do so will result in a penalty on your revised assignment! That is, your revisions should be made in Draft One! Failure to submit the second draft prior to the deadline will result in you earning THE SAME GRADE AS ON DRAFT ONE!!!

Draft 1 will be worth 40 points; Draft 2 will be worth 60 points.
In total, the Applying Theory Essay will be worth 100 points/33% of your final course grade.

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