critical analysis literature realism

Analyze the messages of the works of Samuel Clements (Mark Twain) and Artemus Ward, they seem to differ greatly in both construction and content than the assigned readings by Henry James and Sarah Orne Jewett. Discuss the elements of both types of writing within the context of Literary Realism. In terms of technique, how does each work (or like works) fall into this literary movement (realism)? Then define and analyze the themes and ideas of two selections from above. Ensure that you can compare or contrast the theme, perspective, etc. of the author/narrator of each work. Cite these distinguishing features of phrases and lines to defend your critical argument about the texts. You can choose to analyze the same type of writings or a combination of the two distinct styles of writing represented by the assigned readings. The key to successfully completing this assignment is defending a specific argument about how the two narratives make a specific argument about the American condition within the specified time period: The end of the 19th Century. . Must be at least 300 words.

References Cain, W., McDermott, A., Newman, L., & Wyss, H. (Eds.). (2014). American Literature: Volume 2 (2nd ed.). Boston, Mass: Pearson.

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