critical analysis of written works

Provide the citation information for each source following the rules of a particular bibliography style (APA Style,). Logically, you want to use the citation style in your bibliography that you will use in your research report. Examples of citation sources include books, articles, Internet sites, newspapers, and audiovisual materials.

List each reference source in alphabetical order. Occasionally researchers will introduce themes to their annotated bibliographies, essentially introducing headings for each theme and then organizing citations and summaries according to the themes that are emerging.

Provide a brief (150- to 250-word) descriptive and evaluative summary of each source. Researchers may address the relevance of the reference source, summarize the unique findings or arguments, include judgments regarding the quality of the source, and critique the methods employed by the source to generate knowledge.

the question:

The asynchronous virtual online environment makes some activities normally conducted by learning groups a bit difficult to coordinate. The live demonstration of skill in critical analysis of written works, known as a Journal Club in medicine, is one of those activities.

This collaboration board seeks to mitigate some of the issues associated with this environment.

You are to locate TWO (2) articles for analysis related to your general topic area (would be really useful if you were able to settle on your specific problem or question).

Submit *.pdfs of both articles to this discussion board. Then attach, as well as cut and paste, you Critical Analytical Annotations for both articles.

You will make a recording of your presentation (with your head and neck visible) for one of these Journal Article Analyses. You can do that with Premier Rush , or any other program that permits an MP4 file for viewing on all platforms.

Make sure to address all aspects of Critical Analysis and the Universal Intellectual Standards in your presentation.

in summary :

1- I already chosen DISASTER PREPAREDNESS FOR SPECIAL CASES. as topic name then I selected 2 articles related to.

2- Add 2 PEER article (PDF) related to this topic. ( I ALREADY ADDED)

3- Annotation(critical analysis) for 2 of them in 2 pages.

4- Make ppt around around 10-12 slides with out the references pages with speaker notes to me to know what I have to say and read.