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Grading rubric

All conventions of the genre are followed. Introduction effectively sets up the theme and thesis of the essay. All sections set up, develop, logically support, and conclude the thesis/main points of the essay. Various support strategies are effectively used throughout (examples, academic sources, etc.). Conclusion leaves the reader with a clear sense of the essay’s main idea and how that idea might be further contemplated or acted upon.

All paragraphs are organized effectively. Entire essay is organized with basic ‘markers’ (titles, topic sentences, etc). Entire essay is organized with transitions that highlight the relationship between and among the ideas.

Sentences are consistently specific, clear, concise, and appropriate. Good command of academic tone throughout.

Consistent use of standard English grammar and punctuation. Syntax is consistently varied throughout the essay. Correct spelling throughout the essay.

All sources cited according to APA style 6th edition. Correct formatting of the paper.

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