discuss the public auditor sresponsibilities confidently obligations and their ethical standatdsi

APA format graduate writing paper

Proper citations and references

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3 or more APA format citations and references

3 or more references

Based upon outline done in last paper for key assignment project paper for the following:

Key Assignment: Part 1

You were assigned to prepare a presentation on the auditor’s public responsibilities for the short seminar. Use the CTU library and the Internet to cover the following issues:

  • Because auditors must act with integrity and prioritize their public responsibility, discuss the conflict between the auditor’s client confidentiality obligations and the auditor’s ethical standards to gain the public trust.
  • Explain and discuss how the Dodd-Frank Act and the whistle-blower program can protect accountants and auditors.
  • Discuss why it is important for auditors to show evidence that they followed the ethical and professional standards.

Words:900 words

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