Do anyone have a learning framework- 1300 textbook or ebook (psychology base class)

To do this assignment you have to get the textbook or have it on ebook or something to do this assignment though… Its a 500 or more word essay though…  I will upload the instruction for this for understanding of this project… I need a psychology major or expert to to do this project and I have a test that follows this assignment over chapters 1,4, and 6, but there are online readings for these chapters… I can give you my login info for this class, if i can get the right expert to do this assignment and test for Learning framework class, but psychology based… I want an good grade on this… not trying to be picky… Oh the textbook might be hard to get ahold of though, but it is on the collin college at central park campus if you want to know more about it but it is also customized through collin college bookstore, the ISBN-13: 978-1-256-10512-1

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