Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

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Due 04-22-2018 Recommended: Click on the following links to review materials to enhance your knowledge of biological molecules and the scientific method and to support your analysis of Wakefield’s experiment:
Steps of the Scientific Method: A simplified explana‐ tion of how the scientific method works, and the steps taken to investigate phenomena with diagrams
Do Vaccines Cause Autism?: A review of research demonstrating that vaccines and their components are not the cause of autism
Fifteen years after a vaccine scare, a measles epidemic: An analysis of vaccination trends and an increase in measles cases seen in the UK
Answer the following questions:
What was wrong with Wakefield’s study? Discuss at least 2 variables or approaches that should have been controlled or assessed.
Consider the source of some of his data (parental memory, for example), the small sample size, and whether he considered other variables (genetics, diet, and so on) that could have resulted in symptoms
in these children.
Discuss the importance of a control group when using the scientific method.
Did Wakefield deserve to be barred from medical practice?
What were the consequences of his overblown conclusions?
Follow these guidelines for your paper:
Utilize at least 1 credible source to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite appropriately within your paper, and list the reference(s) in APA format on your Reference page.
Your paper should be 1–2 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirements, it should be double-spaced and include a running head and page numbers
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