Read Case 2.1: Hacking into Harvard, located here or on page 71 in your textbook. As applicants began to defend themselves against the penalties handed out by the business schools, they appealed to both consequentialist and nonconsequentialist criteria to support their actions. Some responded by pointing out that their intentions were never malicious, while others argued they did not think checking their application statuses would cause any real harm. Review the case study and analyze the actions of the students from a Kantian perspective. Consider whether the actions taken by the hackers were permissible according the standard of universal acceptability.





More and more in today’s competitive business environment, we see organizations making headlines for poor ethical decisions made by top managers. It’s unfortunate that less attention is given to companies that operate in an ethically conscious and socially responsible manner.

Find one such ethically and socially responsible company, and share it with the class. Be sure that your post includes the company name, logo, and website as well as a written discussion of why they are an ethically and socially responsible organization.

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