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Identify and describe your child: Course Project

This week you will start your course project case study by establishing who your fictional child is and sharing their background. Basically, you are starting to tell your child’s story.

Step One: Determine who your child is and what they look like.
This project is meant to be about a fictional child, but you can use a variety of places for inspiration. You can look to your own biological children, a child in a program you worked with in the past, a picture of a child from a magazine or totally create a child from your imagination. No matter where your inspiration comes from, you must keep any identifying information confidential, using only fictional names.

Step Two: Write about your child by answering the following questions. You may choose to write as if you are telling a story and your instructor is the reader. Think deeply and be thorough in your responses.

  1. What is your child’s age? Choose a 2-year old or a 4 year old only.
  2. What does your child look like? Describe your child’s gender identification, hair, eyes, skin, height, weight, physical stature or unique quality?
  3. How is the family structure? Describe their immediate family members, who lives with the child, traditional or non-traditional family, divorced, married or single, employment status, etc.
  4. Where does your child live? Describe the location, type of home, neighborhood, community and economic status
  5. What is their background or culture? Describe family heritage, languages spoken, traditions observed, religion and cultural background.
  6. Share if his or her development appears typical or atypical and why. Be objective as possible.
  7. Identify behaviors you may wish to focus upon in your analysis.

Be sure to write in APA format with a title page, introduction, paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length. This week’s project assignment does not need additional resources.


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