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In this discussion, provide a screenshot of one of your favorite professional websites.

Be sure to analyze the impact of visuals on the specified targeted audience:

  1. How do      visual organization patterns (similarity, proximity, continuity, etc.)      affect the responses of potential website users or clients?
  2. How      might visual simplicity or complexity seen in the layout of the main      website page affect the responses of potential website users or clients?
  3. Does      the website have any visual interactive elements to engage website users?      Why is it important to use these on websites?
  4. Why      might this be important for you to understand in your future professional      and life experiences?

*Remember— Analysis requires that you substantiate your ideas with quotes from academic sources and experts in the field. Analysis without substantiated evidence is opinion. Use your etextbook, another academic article or source, or a career or real-life example to support your analysis points in your initial discussion post to demonstrate your full comprehension of the topics.

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