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HKU SPACE Community College                                                                                                  Assignment 2 guidelines English for Arts and Humanities



Research Paper (1,000 – 1,200 words). 

Sample of an argumentative style essay can be found in lesson 8.

Include at least 4 academic sources, such as peer reviewed journal articles, scholarly books, and government reports. In addition to the minimum number of required academic sources, you are permitted to use media sources, providing they are from established, reliable sources. You are required to include the word count of your writing at the end of your assignment. Keep a copy of any print source in case your lecturer asks to see them; do not include them with your assignment.

Title Page

Please provide basic info: essay title, date, student name, ID number and class number.


This section should introduce the topic and contain brief background (or current) information which helps the reader to understand the subject. This should be followed by a clear presentation of what exactly your issue is. There should then be a statement of the thesis or aim and a brief outline of the structure of your paper.


This will vary depending on the type of essay you are planning to write. An example of how you would structure the body of an argumentative style essay is given below. However, please consult your lecture notes for examples of other formats, such as for a cause and effect or compare and contrast style structure.

Example of an argumentative structure: Present your pro-arguments (arguments that affirm and support the thesis), counter-argument (previous opinions/arguments that are opposed to the thesis, used to show that you have a greater understanding of your issue, not just a one-sided view) and refutations (an evaluation of the counter-arguments that shows its errors).  Note that the above may be presented in any order that you like as long as there is a natural and logical flow of information. Be sure to cite the sources of all the arguments/counterarguments.

The number of counter-arguments and refutation/pro-arguments may vary. However, this paper should have a minimum of three arguments and at least one counter-argument.


Restate main ideas and the thesis (paraphrase – do not copy what you have already written).


Follow the APA style and present a list of all sources included in the paper.

A hardcopy must be submitted to the lecturer and a softcopy uploaded to Turnitin. The assignment must be an original work; you must not reuse/recycle assignments from previous semesters or other courses, as this also constitutes plagiarism.

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