Effective Statement of Professional Interest accounting homework help

Your Statement of Professional Interest is a

snapshot of you and your career interests.

This makes it a crucial tool in the internship match.

What’s included? Your interests, internship goals, future professional goals, and skills

you are hoping to gain and/or utilize.

Statements should avoid naming specific organizations as this statement will be sent out to multiple


An effective statement balances broader interests with areas of focus. Don’t let your statement hinder

you with a highly specialized focus.

Statements should be brief, no more than 100 words


During my internship,I want to work for a private or governmental organization which

focuses on finance or economics. I hope to pursue a doctorate in economics, and I hope to explore D.C.’s impact

on the national economy.Ideally,

I want to gain hands on experience and feel that my daily actions and work are contributing to the success of

the organization. The tasks I hope to assist with include: data gathering, analysis,consulting,and collaborative research efforts

. Above all, I want to work on a project

that will promote the success of the organization in which I am an intern.

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