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6dq1) Do some research to identify a trend, event, or a policy related to ADHD. If you look on news websites, you can identify and discuss what reporters are currently writing about ADHD. If you look at the policy statements by institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/adhd/facts.html) or American Psychological Association (APA.org), you can identify and discuss which policies or advice they provide. You could also try finding events (either past events or future ones) about ADHD at the local, state, or national level and then explain what one or more events were (or will be) about. Then, summarize your findings and report them to the class.

6dq2) What are some of the causes or consequences related to the trend you identified earlier this week? (Or, if you posted something about a policy or event, what do you see as the causes or consequences of those?) Who (or what) do you think is responsible for the problem, or who (or what) deserves credit for solving some part of the problem?

7dq1)  explain the techniques you will use for your introductory paragraph and why they might be effective for you. Then write or revise your introductory paragraph(commentary topic) using the techniques( any writing technique) you have chosen. Post your introduction along with your explanation.

7dq2) It is important to distinguish between your perspective and other perspectives regarding your commentary topic. What are some of the other perspectives you see? Summarize them briefly. Next, summarize your own perspective. In what ways does your perspective differ from other perspectives? Why is your perspective different?

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