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Recruitment Matrix Worksheet

Part 1

Complete the following matrix.

  • Identify five recruitment strategies or methods.
  • Indicate whether Internally or Externally focused
  • Write a detailed 200-word description of the strategy and why it is appropriate to health care.

Format any references according to APA guidelines.

Recruitment Strategy or Method External or Internal Description and Appropriateness for Health Care

Part 2

Create a graphic differentiating between

  • Job analysis
  • Job description
  • Job specifications

Examples of a graphic include flowcharts, Venn diagrams, graphs, and slides. There are a variety of tools in the Microsoft Office© Suite suitable for creating graphical depictions. Additionally, .pdf, jpg and other file formats are acceptable.

Insert your image and description in the space below or attach it as a separate document along with this one.


Part 3

Complete the table below.

Write a detailed 100-word description of job analysis, job description, and job specification.

Job Analysis Job Description Job Specification

Format any references according to APA guidelines.

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