Foreign Immigrants in Malaysia: Threat or Opportunity to the Malaysian Economy.

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GPE proposal file contains a brief background on my essay/assignment topic and some links to PDF journals you can use in the research.

Masters level essay. 5000 words.




Essay Format


       IIntroduction: Explain the event/debate: brief history about the foreign immigrant workers and migration in Malaysia under British Colonial rule

          Pre Independence foreign worker policies

          Push and pull factor migration theory- relevance of theory

          Literature reviews/ prior studies done: 3 literature reviews on the impact of foreign immigrant workers on the Malaysian economy.

          Current foreign immigrant workers situation in Malaysia. (Skilled and unskilled)

          Malaysia’s foreign worker policies: post independence: unskilled labor policies, Malaysia my second home policy, Talent Corp etc.

          Implications of foreign immigrant workers on the economy in Malaysia; In what ways has it contributed to the growth of the Malaysian economy, how is the presence of foreign immigrant workers seen as a opportunity for the recipient country (Malaysia), what are the problems Malaysia is facing due to the presence of the large foreign immigrant workforce in the country (threat).

          Conclusion: Restate problem, what you have done in the assignment, findings: first, second, third etc.

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