gender stereotypes 1

“Gender Stereotypes” – Week 8

Please respond to the following:

· Gender-typing consists of whether or not one believes that males and females should be equal. Referring to these three statements, discuss your personal feelings on them:

a.) “Boys and girls should be encouraged to do whatever activities they are interested in.”

b.) “The husband and wife should share equally in housework such as cooking, washing dishes, and housecleaning.”

c.) “High schools should spend as much money on girls’ sports as boys’ sports.”

  1. Explain why you either AGREE or DISAGREE with these three statements and why.
  2. Discuss at least one (1) way in which gender stereotyping has harmed society in social, economic, or cultural terms. Why does it matter whether males and females agree or disagree on these three examples?

Please use your OWN WORDS to answer discussion questions. Do not cut and paste from a secondary source.

Please number your answers #1, #2 so I can easily locate your answers. Thank you!

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