Global Company

***DUE 7/24/14***


Select a company known to operate on a global basis. Assess to what degree your selected company adopts a universal culture, or rather, behaves as expected from the influence of the national culture of its country of origin.

In addition explain how this company uses Diversity, and all organizational initiatives, to contribute to the corporate bottom line. Evaluate the common organizational bottom-line rationale for diversity initiatives.

  • What specific aspects make an organization diverse?
  • What value does a diverse, versus a homogenous, organizational culture have to the bottom line?
  • What value does a diverse workforce offer individual workers?
  • What organizational policies and procedures need to be in place to create and support a diverse workforce?

Write a six pages paper summarizing your findings and drawing from academic sources as well as company information. In your paper, examine the concept of a global company and the question—is a global company a synthesis of its component cultures, or is it predominately a function of the culture of its head office? Support your answer with rationales, examples, and references. Follow the correct APA guidelines.

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