global issues in health promotion 1

This Unit addresses global issues in health promotion. Read the required reading for Unit 10 including the articles and required websites. Because of the diversity of cultures, and an expanding migratory global population, you as a Masters prepared Registered Nurse may be challenged with patients who are at risk or suffering from various conditions, such as tuberculosis or malnutrition. You may also be involved in natural disaster preparation or response, communicable disease outbreak care or bioterrorism management.

For this discussion, you will address a global health issue of your choice and identify related health risks for a particular group or patient. Include statistics for your choice/s. Include strategies you could utilize to help you incorporate the client’s cultural preferences within the education, prevention, or treatment plan. Consider the roles of interprofessional resources in your post. Avoid other topics present in the discussion as you make your choice so that the discussion is varied and robust. Include 3 references and citations. APA format, at least 350 words.

Articles For Reading

Bryant, R.A., Ekasawin, S., Chakrabhand,S., Suwanmitri,S., Duangchun, O., & Chantaluckwong T. (2011). A randomized controlled effectiveness trial of cognitive behavior therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder in terrorist-affected people in Thailand. World Psychiatry. 10(3), 205–209.

Fekete, T. (2007). Emerging infections: What you need to know, Part 1. Consultant. 47(12), 1013–1016. (Note: This article is not available through the Kaplan Library. It can be found using Google Scholar.)

Amirkhanian, Y.A. (2010) et al.: Male labor migrants in Russia: HIV risk behavior levels, contextual factors, and prevention needs. Journal of Immigrant Minority Health. 13, 918–928.

Web Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Protect yourself from MRSA

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