Green Hills Health System

Green Hills Health System

The scenario at the Green Hills Health System represents a bigger picture of what is taking place in the nursing and health care sectors. It is often a nice idea to understand the future trend of the industry you are in; the following three trends are likely to have a significant impact on healthcare and nursing sector.

Developments in Technology and Communication

The medical community has benefited greatly from the development of communication and technology (Pepito and Locsin, 2019). Through the development, people who were not able to commute to the hospitals or any healthcare facility can now be reached. Nurses have a way of communicating with these individuals and provide them with medical care. The number of emergency room visits each day has reduced, as people are using toll-free numbers to contact doctors and nurses to ask questions regarding their health.

Increased Rate of Health care cost 

Most patients are not in a position of getting the level of care that is required to hinder chronic illness as well as diseases from developing (Vernic, 2019).  This is because the cost of healthcare is too high, that they cannot afford. This has also led to an increased number of seriously ill patients and increased medical bills.

Advances in Nursing and Science Research

An increase in the number of scholarships in nursing and research has contributed to the improvement in patient care and a positive reaction from patients concerning the treatments they receive.

The three trends will have an impact on the nursing and healthcare sector as the increased cost of healthcare will affect the low-class people, negatively, since they cannot pay for their medical bills. The scholarships in nursing and research and advancement in technology, on the other hand, will improve the medical care services that the patients receive. With the emerging technologies, accessing medical care will be very easy in future.


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Please justify the high cost of technology versus the return on investment