Health & Medical Standpoint Epistemology

Health & Medical Standpoint Epistemology

Question 1

  1. What is common to the standpoints of women, African Americans, the poor, and members of the LGBTQ community that may provide them with a less false view of the way society works?
  2. What might be the most effective ways for men and women to gain insight into how their conversational styles affect their relationships?
  3. Standpoint epistemology draws on insights from Marxism, symbolic interactionism, and Based on what you’ve read in this chapter, which of these intellectual influences do you see as strongest? Why?
  4. Apart from the topics of nonverbal communication, conflict, questions, listening, storytelling, and public vs. private speaking, can you come up with your own examples of how rapport talk is different from report talk?

Question 2 (atleast 200words)

  1. Imagine that you need to explain to a community of stakeholders the difference between a quality improvement approach and a process evaluation approach. What would you summarize as being unique to each approach, and what are the similarities between the two approaches?
  2. What are the major problems in using secondary data sources, such as birth or death certificate data? What, if anything, can the evaluator do about these problems?

Question 3 (Atleast 300words)

   Find & Post (or post a link to) a concept of Interpersonal Communication (photo, short video, brief piece of writing, song, etc) related to this week’s chapter(Conflict management skills).

 Analyze the object according to requirements for the week.

 Make a connection to the readings, videos or recordings for the week.